Alexandra Haynes

Hi, I'm Alex

I'm a Front-End Engineer with a strong eye for design. I build highly-interactive & impactful websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

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About me

I wear many hats. Here are some of my past responsibilities:
  • Conceptualizing and developing augmented reality products for premium brands
  • Rapidly prototyping new ad formats
  • Building out complex, interactive web ads and games for top-tier brands
  • Creating documentation for development workflows and ad products

What I'm working on now

I'm currently working on a web app to help cat owners find the perfect food for furry friends with special dietary needs!

My skillset:

  • Javascript
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • CSS / Sass / Tailwind / Bulma / Bootstrap
  • UI Design
  • Semantic HTML
  • Python
  • Sketch / Photoshop / Illustrator / Adobe Suite