Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a Front-End Engineer with a strong eye for design.

What I do

I build delightful software and web experiences that dazzle on every device. Apps and websites shouldn't glitch out on small screens or slow networks. I design UI that functions on all screen sizes, and I develop products that render as efficiently as possible.

My design and development philosophy

  • Think of the user first
  • Use the best tool for the job
  • Design for delight, without clutter

My latest project

I'm currently self-employed and working on a mobile app in the personal wellness space. Stay tuned for updates!

My work experience

I spent the last three years in the ad industry as a Senior Creative Developer and worked on the following:

  • protytped augmented reality ad formats for premium brands
  • developed complex, interactive web animations and games for top-tier brands
  • rapidly prototyped new ad formats
  • documented workflows and novel ad products
  • offered onboarding support for remote development teams

I've developed browser games, interactive web/mobile ads, and minisites for brands like:

  • IBM
  • Audible
  • Starbucks
  • Audi
  • Delta
  • Sephora
  • Atlantic Health
  • and many more!

To see demos of the projects I've worked on, send me a message on LinkedIn or through the contact form.

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